So you have been hearing about these virtual parties and thinking about throwing your own? In many ways, it could just as fun and interactive as your in-person pirates without the cleaning up part!

As a professional virtual party-animal I have set my 7-secret steps to hosting your killer virtual party. 

7 Steps to a killer virtual party!

  1. Attendees: Think about the ideal number of participants that would be good for a live video chat party. We would recommend 10-15 if you want to keep it highly interactive and conversational. Any more and your party could get drowned out in noise *psst that’s also the current Riotz limit ;)
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  1. Create E-vites: You should create and send virtual invitations to make it feel like a special bash! Make sure you include clear instructions to the time and link of the party. If it’s on Riotz you can add the link to join your room at the time. 


  1. Equipment and set-up: As the host, you wanna shine! So make sure you have the best lighting and camera placement for the party. We would recommend hooking your laptop up to your TV to provide the best visuals. We highly recommend adding this to the invitation or the invite page for your guests as well. This way it can feel more like a party when everyone is comfortable in the living room couch. 


  1. Set a festive theme: Ain’t no party like a costume party! Send early instructions to everyone on the invite list. Some popular themes include: Harry Potter, Avengers, 1980’s, Arabian Nights, Luau, and of course the ever popular Toga party! 


  1. The PARTAY!: As the host make sure you have an agenda in mind. Make everyone introduce themselves, get loud and wild, have your best joke ready to drop at the expense of Mike (sorry Mike!), as the host lead the party.


  1. The Game: Nothing breaks the ice like a party-game. Lucky for you the Riotz platform has Werewolf, Charades, Trivia and others already built-in. As the host you should lead as the narrator. Want to know what are the best games to play, well here is a link.
  1. Wrapping up: Make sure the party wraps up at a good time, we would recommend a 1-2 hr session depending on how long your conversations and games flow. Anything longer can start to feel a bit dragged out. Record, and take screenshots of your fav session to send to your guests afterwards!