Guys..I keep it no secret that I'm kind of a party animal. I have a good 80-20% split in life, 80% of the time I party like a maniac, and 20% of the time I write this blog so I can get paid to party. I have been in virtual birthday parties, virtual game nights, virtual dance parties, virtual birthday parties, heck I'm even going to attend a virtual Cinco De Mayo next week!

Through my experience, I have learned that there is one secret ingredient that makes either a bombastic memorable experience or a snoozefest: the level of participation from the attendees. The more engaged everyone is the better the event! Thank you I'll take my award now! Wait, what? You want to know how to create an engaging virtual party? Well never fear I am here.

Here are 5 items you can do to ensure a higher level of participation:

1. Send a polished invite: First impressions set the tone for the event so set a nice one by creating a nice e-vite. Include clear directions, maybe add a theme to make it festive include clear directions and time. Tell them to add you on Riotz ;)

2. Set-up: Ain't nobody wants to stare at a pixelated face for an hour. Make sure your internet is blazing quick, have the proper lighting, try to have a nice camera set-up if possible, and advise your participants on how to do the same. A little prep can go a long way!

3. Group size: Have the right group size for the right event. For virtual concerts, that number is anywhere between 10-100. For virtual parties, that number can be between 10-25. For virtual game nights, it's more like 8-10. You want to ideally keep it small enough for a high level of intimacy and engagement. I hate blabbering over 4 other people trying to get my punchline in, but in a virtual dance party, I don't mind turning-up with a 100 people!

4. Hosting: As the host with the most you have to lead the event and make it festive! Get your one-liners ready, share some embarrassing vacation photos, or if playing Werewolf on our virtual party platform than be as animated and creative a narrator as possible. People love creativity!

5. Interactive event: Most importantly, make it interactive!! For parties, have a virtual game night with classics like Charades, Mafia/Werewolf, and Trivia! Actively engage with all of the attendees, give each of them space and opportunity to talk, take a group selfie!

Share your best virtual game night memories with us! (INVITE ME SO WE CAN TURN UP TOGETHER)

Party hard!